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Blackcurrant & Liquorice - Sugar Free
 Crunchy blackcurrant boiled outside with squidgy liquorice inside and of course, no sugar!!&..
Chocolate Eclairs - Sugar Free
 A sugar free chewy caramel with a chocolate centre, as with all our sugar free products..
Chocolate Limes - Sugar Free
 A sugar free, lime flavoured boiled sweet with a smooth chocolate centre    ..
Chocolate Mints - Sugar Free
 Another classic but this time with no sugar!!! Smooth chocolate encased in crunchy mint..
Clearmints - Sugar Free
If you like glacier mints you will definately like these, one of my most popular sugar free s..
Devon Toffee - Sugar Free
Another favourite in the sugar free range, creamy devon toffee, if you need to avoid sugar give it..
Fruit Drops - Sugar Free
Sugar free assorted flavoured boiled sweets, yet another favourite in the sugar free range, you ha..
Liquorice Toffees - Sugar Free
Another favourite in the sugar free range, these hard chewy liquorice toffees definately..
Mintoes - Sugar Free
This hard &  chewy mint is another popular choice in our sugar free range, no sugar but n..
Pear Drops - Sugar Free
 The traditional flavour of pear drops but with no sugar.................result!!!!  A v..
Rhubarb & Custard - Sugar Free
For those of you who can't take sugar this is the 'sugar free' equivelent of the traditional boile..
Sherbet Lemons - Sugar Free
If you like sherbet lemons but want to avoid the sugar these are the one's for you, hard crun..

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