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Black & White Mints
 A blend of rich dark liquorice and the bite of sweet refreshing mint. Ingredients: ..
Liquorice Allsorts
Seven different varieties all mixed together - coconut, buttons,cream rock,sandwiches,cubes, ..
Liquorice Cream Rock
These are the ones you will find in liquorice allsorts, multicoloured sticks wrapped in a sof..
Liquorice Cuttings
Another favourite for the liquorice addicts out there.........chewy black liquorice cuttings &n..
Pontefract Cakes
The traditional liquorice discs, nice soft liquorice probably the most popular one in the shop!!!!..
Salt Liquorice
For those of you that love liquorice why not give this one a try, it is a hard continental li..
  Those little pink & blue bobbly aniseed ones you find in liquorice allsorts, well no..

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