Mixed fruit

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ABC Letters
 The hard & crunchy letters we all remember from our childhood.............have you got t..
Fruit Bon Bons
For those of you that remember and loved 'pascal fruits' your'll love these assorted hard boi..
Fruit Caramels
A juicy assorted fruit flavour chews, wrapped to keep them fresh and very handy to have in yo..
Fruit Drops - Sugar Free
Sugar free assorted flavoured boiled sweets, yet another favourite in the sugar free range, you ha..
Haribo Mix
Can't make a decision well this one is for you, our own mix of your Haribo favourites!!! &..
Jelly Babies
I have to admit that these little beauties are my ultimate favourite, it doesn't matter how many t..
Jelly Beans
Assorted flavoured crunchy coated jelly beans, there is nothing to say about these little beauties..
Midget Gems made by LION
  The original Lion hard midget gems, (the black one is still liquorice) if you like ..
Mini Jelly Babies
These little jelly babies are just bursting with flavour, very popular with young and old!!! ..
An exciting mix of assorted fruit flavours with just a fizz of sherbet in the middle...........
Sports Mixture by LION
  The original and the best hard gum on the market, in the shape of sports equipment with ..
Vimto Bon Bons*
Hmmmmm...........the soft, chewy and fruity Vimto Bon Bon is back......delicious   ..

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