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After Dinner Mints
Soft and crumbly mint  that jusr melts in your mouth, the ultimate after dinner min..
Black & White Mints
 A blend of rich dark liquorice and the bite of sweet refreshing mint. Ingredients: ..
Chocolate Mints - Sugar Free
 Another classic but this time with no sugar!!! Smooth chocolate encased in crunchy..
Chocolate Peppermint Creams
 Mint fondant covered in silky dark chocolate, this is one definately to try, they won&#..
Clearmints - Sugar Free
If you like glacier mints you will definately like these, one of my most popular sugar f..
Everton Mints
Traditional stripey mints with a chewy centre, some customers remember these as humbugs but i..
Glacier Mints
The traditional clear mints always in the pocket of your elders!!!    Ingredients:..
Traditional  minty boiled sweets , some of you will remember them as stripey but believe..
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Mint Chocolate Eclair Toffee
A combination of toffee and mint with a hint of chocolate another Walkers super quality toffe..
Mint Creams
Mmmmmmmm...........the original Clarnico fondant mint creams, no other mint cream w..
Mint Imperials
There are many mint imperials on the market but this is one of the nicest, very popular and j..
  Traditional and chewy hard mint, made by 'Nuttals' for many ye..

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