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ABC Letters
 The hard & crunchy letters we all remember from our childhood.............have you got t..
Acid Drops
 The original sharp boiled sweets even your grandad will remember!!  Ingredients: ..
Aniseed Balls
 Yummy, the traditional hard aniseed balls just as you remember. Ingredients: Contains ..
Aniseed Twist
 A blast from the past, just as you remember them...........still yummy  Ingredients:..
Army & Navy
 Mmmmmmm.........that warming taste of yesteryear, the traditional liquorice lozenge. &nbs..
Barley Sugar
 A traditional barley sugar tasting just as it did in our childhood..........delicious &nb..
Blackcurrant & Liquorice
 The traditional liquorice encased in a crunchy blackcurrant shell.  mmmmmmmm&..
Blackcurrant & Liquorice - Sugar Free
 Crunchy blackcurrant boiled outside with squidgy liquorice inside and of course, no sugar!!&..
 A crunchy boiled sweet with the taste of butter toffee, perfect !!!!!!   Ingredie..
Chewy Cinnamon
 Hard coated chewy sweets with the distinctive flavour of cinnamon......a soft mint with a di..
Chocolate Cinder Toffee (Honeycomb)
 A light and delicate honeycomb toffee covered in milk chocolate.......delicious!!!  ..
Chocolate Limes
A tangy lime flavoured boiled sweet with a velvety chocolate centre.........mmmm tasty!!  ..

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