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Acid Drops
 The original sharp boiled sweets even your grandad will remember!!  Ingredients: ..
Fizz Bombs
  Hard boiled watermelon and apple flavour sweets with a fizzy coating, something a little..
Fizzy Blue Bottles
If you like fizzy sour sweets your'll love these, sour bubblegum flavoured gummy bottles, I have t..
Fizzy Cola Bottles
Another very popular product, sour cola flavoured gummy bottles, if cola flavour is your thing you..
Fizzy Strawberries
Sour strawberry flavour and shaped gums just like giant strawberries but with a sour coa..
Lemon Crystals
  Now I'm really going to show my age, when I was a child the only lemonade we had was thi..
Mega Sours
Extremely sour fruit boiled sweets, we are stocking sour plums at the moment but we do change it f..
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Orange Sherbet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
  The gourmet jelly bean, with individual flavours to suit all tastes!!!    ..
Rainbow Crystals
These sherbet crystals come mixed, they include all your favourite flavours in one ..
Sherbet Lemons
Another of my personal favourites, a sharp lemon boiled sweet with lots of fizzy sherbet in the mi..
Sherbet Lemons - Sugar Free
If you like sherbet lemons but want to avoid the sugar these are the one's for you, hard crun..
Sherbet Pips
These tiny fruity boiled sweets are yet another one of my personal favourites!!! These really do t..

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