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Chocolate Brazil Nuts
 A whole brazil nut covered in mouth watering milk chocolate.........yummy   Ingre..
Chocolate Caramels
 A chewy smooth tasting toffee coated in dark chocolate from the Buchanan's range, yet a..
Chocolate Caramels
    Ingredients: Contains artificial colours and flavourings. ..
Chocolate Cinder Toffee (Honeycomb)
 A light and delicate honeycomb toffee covered in milk chocolate.......delicious!!!  ..
Chocolate Ginger
Pieces of ginger covered in smooth dark chocolate, very popular!!!   Ingredients: Co..
Chocolate Peanuts
Crunchy peanuts covered in a creamy milk chocolate, has been around for years but still just as mu..
Chocolate Peppermint Creams
 Mint fondant covered in silky dark chocolate, this is one definately to try, they won't last..
Chocolate Raisins
 Juicy raisins covered in smooth milk chocolate.................mmmmmmm try them mixed with c..
Chocolate Turkish Delight
 Rose & Lemon turkish delight covered in smooth chocolate, available all year round not j..
Milk Chocolate Beans
  A good quality milk chocolate bean with a crisp candy shell, just like a well known swee..
Porky Pigs
If your in your thirties you will be sure to remember these little beauties, strawberry flavour ca..
Raspberry Ruffles
These little gems were around when I was a child, strawberry flavour coconut wrapped in smooth dar..

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